Orange Patchouli Solid Lotion Bar

Orange Patchouli Solid Lotion Bar

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Pure Enchantment solid lotion bars are all handcrafted using 30% of the finest quality shea butter. We also add jojoba, almond and avocado oils, beeswax and vitamin E, all of which have therapeutic and healing properties. Our bars are intended to be used as a moisturizer, but-unlike traditional bottled lotion, Pure Enchantment bars are conveniently sized to travel anywhere you go. Ideal for spa-like treatment the sturdy metal tins fit easily in your purse, pocket, or athletic bag and won't accidentally spill. Simply, pop out the bar, glide it over your skin and feel the nourishing therapy of shea butter, while aromatic oils refresh your senses. Approved for travel, our lotion bars are airport friendly.

Net wt.  .5oz.

Ingredients: **shea butter, *beeswax, *almond oil, *avocado oil, **jojoba oil, fragrance, *vitamin E. Some ingredients are expressed from nuts.

**certified organic / *plant derived ingredients

Discontinue if irritation occurs.

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