10 Ways to Give Thanks and Be Grateful


This is the month for gratitude and we are excited to share these top 10 ways to make the season of giving extra special!

  1.  Cooking is an act of love and warms the heart: cook someone a meal, make a cup of tea for a friend, bake cookies and drop them off to a neighbor, firehouse, or just someone who needs a pick me up.
  2. Lend a helping hand: rake their leaves or shovel their driveway, walk their dog, help someone who looks to be struggling to get something done.
  3. Recycle: be grateful for our earth, lets help to keep it clean.
  4. Helping others in need: volunteer at a soup kitchen, church, library or local charity.  
  5. Donate clothes / household goods or even a donation to a worthy cause.
  6. Write a personal note: this is one act of kindness that has truly been forgotten. A handwritten note is a very personal & thoughtful way to say how much you appreciate what they have done.
  7. Give a small but thoughtful gift, which could be anything as small as picked flowers from your garden.    
  8. Pay it forward: do a small gesture for someone by paying for the next person in line's coffee, a cart at Aldi's, or even just holding the door open for them.
  9. Pray and give thanks for your many blessings.
  10. Hug: what better way to say thank you then simply with a hug.

rachel pelaia