The lotion bars and body butter work wonders on dry nails and skin, especially during the winter months. The fragrances are GREAT as they retain their integrity on your skin... hours later they are fresh as newly applied (no breaking down to component scents). My new favorite, Pure Noel, is warm and lovely!
— Joan H.
LOVE, LOVE the spiced cranberry scent! I received body butter, and hand lotion bar last Christmas as a gift and couldn’t wait until this Christmas season to purchase it myself! I think it should be added to your regular scents all year long! It is fabulous!
— Diane L.
I very much like all the products from Pure Enchantment- body butter, lotion, roll-on fragrance. I am particularly fond of orange patchouli scent. Have had many compliments on the scent. Don’t ever discontinue it. I have given products as gift and all recipients loved them.
— Teresa F.
Hi I just wanted to say that, I love your products! I recently purchased the Face Lotion and love it! My Dad loves your Foot Lotion Bar. He has dry feet and could never find anything that would work. Now he has the Foot Lotion Bar works so well! His feet look and feel much better! I’m sure if he could he would buy cases of them!
— Elise C.
I have already submitted testimonials on your products, but I also have to tell you how much I appreciate the personal service you have given me. You have gone over and above normal service and have shown me how giving and dedicated you are to your products and your customers. Thank you so much.
— Elaine K
I love your soap...when I wash my hands, it feels like your washing with lotion.
— Trudy
I purchase and use the goats milk soap daily. It is the best soap I have ever found. My husband and I use it on our hair too, completely eliminating the need for shampoo. This is a perfectly wonderful product as are the many other products available from Pure Enchantment. Do yourself a favor and shop Pure Enchantment regularly.
— Virginia R.
The Push Up Lotion Bar is a dream come true. I have very dry skin and regular hand lotion always leaves my fingers greasy. The Push Up Lotion Bar is truly moisturizing and I can put it exactly where I want it, leaving my fingertips dry when working on my computer. I have found my new beauty treatment! I also love your soaps. They are all so full of natural emollients that I feel like I’m using lotion. Now I know how soap should really work and I have found my new daily lip balm. Your Natural Lip Balm beats out every other one I have tried. It goes on very smoothly and keeps my lips very moist even over night. I love it. Thanks so much for creating such a great product!
— Elaine K.
I recently purchased the two piece soap dish. I Love it. Pure Enchantment soap bar fits as well as any others. The convenient part is that it drains the water into the bottom and cleanup is a snap. I couldn’t be more pleased. - Lauren H. Lavine
— Lauren L.
I recently purchased •Rice Flower & Shea Castile Soap, Light Body Lotion with Aloe, Light Foot Lotion with Tree Tree, Travel Body and Foot Butter, Lavender Oatmeal Castile Baby Soap, and Signature Scent of Underarm Deodorant. The deodorat is fabulous, as are all of Pure Enchantment’s products. I cannot rave more about them and I have encourged many others to become fans of Pure Enchantment’s products. Not only are these products “natural” and high quality, but they are locally made in Rocky River, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. Thank you for making such great products!!
— Judi G.
I have used the pure enchantment bar soap and lotion so far and absolutely love your products! I have dry skin and can’t use store bought soap. I am extremely happy to find your product through Fox 8 news! I can’t wait to try other products!
— Debbie O.
About one year ago I was told by my physician, Dr. Alfes, to visit Pure Enchantment. I had excema on one foot that was out of control! I couldn’t wear anything but flip flops and even that was uncomfortable! I purchased fragrance free products for my feet (soap and lotion) and within 3 months the excema had cleared up... and never returned! I only use Pure Enchantment products on my face and body - love the frangrances and love how my skin feels and looks!
— Janice S.
I have always had issues with lotions. I didn’t like the texture and the heavy feeling. Hence, I went through life with flaky skin. Then my father bought me a body butter gift set. I am hooked. The body butter is so soft, and it soaks in immediately. The soap feels luxurious, and the hand lotion bar is in my purse. We live out of town and took advantage of internet ordering and free shipping for orders over $40. My order arrived within the week, and the gifts were well received. I recommend this for anyone who needs a little pampering.
— Lori
Love the products I have purchased so far. I also want to thank you for the little jar of Orange Patchouli body butter you sent with my last order. It is the perfect size to put in my purse or take to work, ( I am a registered nurse). I love the fragrance and most of all how creamy it is and how luxurious it makes my hands feel. It’s great to get that little extra surprise/gift with the order...thank you... not to mention GREAT customer service!!
— Vera M.
Thank you for making soap that smells good and WORKS. I have really bad eczema in my ears and dandruff on my scalp. After using the All Natural Shampoo Bar and the All Natural Castile Olive Oil Soap for two days my eczema cleared up. Thanks for the tour it was really fun!
— Nathan, 11yrs old
The Mango Papaya smells so makes you want to eat it!!
— Liz F.
You’ve got a new fan! I stopped in to your store on 4/1/10 and was thrilled. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to discover you and your products. I purchased the pineapple lotion bar and some lemonade lip balm... and I love both! I also received a sample of the pumpkin lotion — it smells delicious! I can’t wait to re-order!
Thank you for a great product.
— Adina S.
I have very dry skin and the Shea Butter Hand Lotion Bar is the only product to stop my hands from cracking this winter.
Thank You!
— Jamie M.
I had to let you know how pleased I am with your products. I started buying Pure Enchantment for my daughter, who has ultra sensitive skin. During the winter months, her cheeks would become red with little bumps, which looked like pimples. After cleansing with the Castile Olive Oil Soap and then applying a small amount of the Shea Butter Hand Lotion Bar, she has smooth, clear skin. It is amazing! We tried many commercial products and even had a dermatologist recommend a steroid, all which did not help. Your products are the miracle we have been looking for.
— Laura H.
Your Pure Enchantment products are so refreshing and healing! The tin container fits so nicely in my purse, the shea butter helped heal my radiation burn, very gentle product. The fragrance of Cucumber Melon is so refreshing, not to sweet like most fragrances, this fragrance is so gentle I use it on my hands immediately when I start to feel down and it picks me upright away and relaxes me, consequently, I start to think differently, healthier thoughts as I self massage the shea butter into my body, thank you so much! Great Products! The experience of your product is equal to your branding,”Pure Enchantment!”
— Christine K.
I’m a senior citizen who does daily water aerobics excercise for my arthritis. I apply Pure Enchantment Shea Butter Body Bar to my skin before entering the pool. I highly recommend this product with its all natural ingredients, shea butter and beeswax that gives my skin a protective barrier against the chlorine and chemicals in the pool water. After exercise, I shower and reapply the lotion bar for moisturizing enhancement. Over the years I’ve tried many a product and nothing so far can surpass what this products provides for my skin protection.
— Pat M.
We recently took a trip to Europe. My husband’s packing mantra is “the lighter the better.”... I tucked in your Pure Enchantment Personal Size Cucumber Melon Lotion Bar, thinking that I could buy more lotion on our trip. About an hour into the flight I started using the lotion bar...Once we arrived in Europe, I kept the bar in my daypack and used it whenever necessary. Would you believe I never had to buy lotion during our three-week adventures. Thanks for a long-lasting product that has provided relief from the harsh conditions of dish washing, traveling and airplane air!
— Kellie
I absolutely love the hand lotion bar! The product is amazing for dry hands! And they smell fabulous.
— Nicole R.
I’ve been using your products for years and have come to love your natural face & eye cream. As a result of chronic dry eye, I’ve had difficulty wearing contacts UNTIL I started using the natural face & eye cream. I use it daily and now, have no trouble with my contacts. In fact, I often forget I’m wearing them because my eyes are no longer irritated by dryness. I attribute this to your eye cream! It, like your other products, are fantastic!
— Cynthia
I recently purchased your face scrub and soap and I am addicted. I can’t wait to wash my face at night and feel the fresh clean feeling. Your sales person was also so friendly, informative,and helpful. Do you think it is okay to use the face scrub daily? (I hope you say yes because it’s my main addiction. Thank you for making such a great product. You’ve got a friend for life in me.
— Mary S.
I love the natural face scrub! My face feels so smooth after using it and the natural ingredients are wonderful!
— Janet H.
Pure Enchantment... I don’t just like it, I LOVE it!
— Bridgid R.
For shaving my head & face, nothing works better than the fragrance free soap from Pure Enchantment!
— S. C.
I love the Natural Shea Body Butter !!! The Oatmeal and Almond are amazing ! They are really fresh smelling and soothing... love to put it on my hands, arms and face after a long day.
— Kelly M.
My co-worker introduced me to your products...she brought the oatmeal mini-solid lotion bar to work and let me try it. I had never seen a product like it before and I loved it. I immediately went online and ordered some small solid lotion bars for my purse and work and I ordered a big one as well. They would definitely be great to use for traveling and I hope to do so in the future. In a couple of weeks I have bought 7 different products and I love all of them. I received my order very quickly and also received some free samples with my order. I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw the samples with my order. It was because of those samples that I ordered more products after my initial order. The prices are very reasonable! I will definitely continue to shop at Pure Enchantment. The oatmeal scent is amazing!
— Allie B.
I have had very dry feet for many years. I am diabetic and asked my foot doctor for help, as nothing I tried worked to soften my feet. He gave me a prescription which cost me $65 and dried like chalk on my feet. My pedicure did not look nice. I tried the Pure Enchantment Foot Lotion Bar, the difference is incredible!! My feet are so soft! I will let my doctor know what I am using on my next visit. I highly recommend this product and give it 5 stars! If it worked for me, it can work for anyone!
— Jill I.
I recently bought the Shampoo Travel Bar to take with me on a trip. I was surprised by how much I loved it. The fragrance was wonderful; not overpowering, and it left my thick, coarse hair feeling not only squeaky clean, but soft, too.
— Susan
I have been a regular patron with this amazing company for quite a while. Debbie and Bill Brink bring a variety of products to us that no other manufactures can equal. I need not name them as you are all aware how well advertised they are. However, despite that they cannot come close to the quality that the Brinks of Pure Enchantment offer to us all. I am proud to use these wonderful products and pass them along to anyone I can. I know people around the globe and have made them aware of these great items. They have all been extremely pleased. I am highly honored to have become part of the Pure Enchantment Family. Thank you very much Debbie and Bill for your personal touch, as yours is more than just the average store. You are professional, personable and do all you can to please. I am very grateful for the excellence your company affords me and am honored to have the opportunity to purchase such outstanding health care products. Your high standards never waver. It’s a privilege being a customer and treated as more than that. Kindly and Loyally.
— Lauren L.
Love ,love, love the Jack Frost Holiday scent.It totally clears my senses & makes my hands feel wonderful!! I first found you at the IX center years ago & then ordered on-line the hand bar. Now I find you have connections in a salon in Lake County- so that is where I’ll be going. All my friends think the hand bar in the tin is such a wonderful idea- I cant wait to try more scents !!
— Kris
I received a gift set for Christmas and fell in love with the products
— Shannetta L.
I was in the store today with my sister and you helped us buy some soap for myself and my two little girls. I just got out of the shower and had to write to tell you how unbelievably awesome that Castile Soap is! OMG! It feels wonderful!!! I can’t wait to try it on the girls at bath time and the lavender sample cream you let me have! Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!
— Maria M.
I put this lotion (Goat’s Milk and Oatmeal) on my dry legs this morning at 8am. It’s 8pm and they are still soft and moisturized, but not once during the day did they feel greasy! I love this stuff!
— Meg
I really enjoy using the soaps and lotions. I do not have a favorite, because I really like all of them. I really like using the revitalizing rosemary mint all natural shea butter foot balm lotion on my feet daily. It makes my feet feel awesome. Debbie is really sweet and her staff is very professional and nice. When I first walk into the store, I am intrigued by the wonderful aromas. I will always continue to purchase soaps and lotions at Pure Enchantment.
— Kathleen C.
The face moisturizer is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Try the Oatmeal lite face soap with it- it is truly a great combo, and an excellent value!
— Betsy K.
Just got the pineapple body butter and LOVE IT!!
— Angela K.
My name is Amy Brooks and I just wanted to share my enthusiasm and thank you, for suggesting the Fragrance Free Shea Butter Lotion Bar for my hands.
I have struggled for years with eczema, and my skin cracks and is extremely painful. I have had to wear band-aids in addition to putting a lot of cream on which usually never works. Being in sales, the last thing I have wanted is to have is cracked, bleeding cuts on my hands.
This Shea Butter Lotion Bar has soothed and soften my skin and I have not had to wear band-aids this winter!
Thank you for this product and improving my skin health!
— Amy B.
After visiting many dermatologists for cracked fingers with no results, I can now say that my fingers are cured. While reading the newspaper a few years ago, I came across an article regarding this product. I decided to try the Fragrance Free Lotion Bar. Within 6 months my fingers were completely healed. What a blessing to be able to do things without cracked fingers. This is truly a great product.
— Rick
Pure Enchantment is an INCREDIBLE product! It remedies a host of skin issues from dry, cracked scaly skin into unbelievably smooth, supple skin. The light, airy scent of the Cucumber Melon is my all-time favorite. The product is never oily and absorbs into the skin right away. Great skin, great look, great feel at a great price. Try it!
— Karen D.
For the last six months, I have suffered from...a combination of rosacea and facial eczema, at the worst times having the appearance of second degree burns on my face. I had been using...the “gentlest” soap commercially available, which still stung my very sensitive skin. My doctor switched me over to Pure Enchantment Castile Soap and I couldn’t be happier! No more burning sensation during use, the lather feels rich and wonderful, and my skin is starting to appear normal. I love your products and will use them for years to come. Thank you so much!
— Nancy W.
Having gone through at least 30 years of bad, scaly, bleeding and sore hands, my hands never looked or felt better since I have been using Pure Enchantment Shea Butter Bars. I am 91 years young and I would recommend this wonderful product to anyone.
— Evelyn C.
I just bought the Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar for my boys last week. They LOVE it! And I can tell with one quick hug (and sniff) if they “remembered” to wash their hair ;)
— Jannell S.


Name *
I became “addicted” to lip balm when I quit smoking 10 years ago - unfortunately, the harsh chemicals in most lip balms do more damage than good. Then in 2008, a friend told me about your lip balms - I’ve been hooked on the lemonade flavor ever since. No side effects, just smooth lips! Thank you for making natural products.
— Jen H.
This body scrub is both gentle and effective. It gives me smooth skin, perfect for my self tanning lotion. Yay! no blotches and the PE lip balm it the only one I’ve found that keeps my lips moisturized and doesn’t cause some find of adverse reaction to my sensitive skin! I prefer the mint and vanilla scents as I don’t like the floral fragrances right under my nose or the taste. That’s just me, of course, since my DGD love the others.
— Marlette L.
Green Clover soap and lotion bar are great. Love the sweet scent. Very light smelling. The sample of the body butter is fabulous.I have to buy more for a few gifts and for myself.Thanks for making such a great soap.
— Carol F.
I purchased the Oatmeal Lite & Goats Milk Soap. I use this every day. This is the best soap I have ever used. I love the smell! On a scale one to ten it’s a ten. My husband, myself and our kids only use Pure Enchantment Products since November when I heard about the store. Lotions are fantastic. I have very dry hands all year round and once I tried Pure Enchantment my hands have not looked this great in years! Pure Enchantment Lip Balm is #1! It works awesome on chapped lips! I even put it on and put my lipstick on over it and keeps my lips soft! Rice Flower and Shea roll on perfume I can’t get enough of it. Love it and my 6yr old daughter loves wearing it too. Nice, light, fresh scent! Our family loves Pure Enchantment!
— Diana R.
I’ve been buying your products for a couple years and have to say, I love them all! My favorites are the shea body butters: oatmeal and almond/orange. While traveling out west last winter, the shea butter kept my skin moisturized and soft. The goat milk lotion is also great. The hand lotions bars are unique and really work! It’s easy to carry in my purse or take along for travel. Thank you for making such high quality products at reasonable prices and in a variety of fragrances.
— Jane E.
I love love love the pumpkin soap! It smells heavenly and leaves my skin feeling like a million dollars. I bought a bar for all my friends and my one friend left it in her car because it smelled so good! I also love the Oatmeal Goat soap it smells wonderful and exfoliates my skin like no other product I’ve recently tried.
— Lisa K
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— Claire C.
I bought the Lemon Verbena hand lotion bar and I just cannot use it enough.I can’t wait to buy more. - Coni Cole
— Coni C.
It was apleasure visiting your store the other day. My wife, Bev, had already been there and “dragged “ me in the next day. What a lucky break! Bev had purchased bath soap, face soap, face scrub and a shampoo bar. You asked me to try 2 types of brush shaving soap. You also gave me a sample of your oatmeal bath soap. The products we obtained were all extraordinary. I loved the shampoo bar and the shaving soap-they were the best I have ever used. We also bought a jar of the mud bath for the face. Bev and I have both “mudded “our faces twice. It’s great. I have also used the face scrub and found it to be very stimulating. We also gave shampoo bars to our daughter and granddaughter and they thought it was great. I sent Bev in the other day to get me a bar of the oatmeal bath soap because I liked the sample so much. If this letter sounds overenthusiastic, believe me, it isn’t. I look forward to being a regular customer.
— Steve and Bev Meckler
I just wanted to share how I believe the Lord blessed my brother at a great time of need. My brother John was out in Phoenix because his youngest daughter Rebecca was in a very bad car accident on Friday January 21st, 2011. She was in ICU in very critical condition and I was in constant contact with him, in one of our phone conversations I asked if there was anything he needed. He said I know it seems crazy but all I really need is a bar of Oatmeal soap from pure enchantment. About an hour after I hung up the phone with him, a dear friend Barb who winters in Phoenix and I were talking on the phone and I told her the only thing John wanted was oatmeal soap from Pure Enchantment, she said” I went there before I came to Pheonix and I have 4 bars of Oatmeal soap...I will take your brother a bar” I thanked the Lord for loving my brother with a bar of Oatmeal soap from Pure Enchantment. What a sweet moment it was.
— Susan H.
For the first time, I have found soaps that will not leave my skin and hair feeling dry and harsh, plus lotions and moisturizers that will not make my skin feeling simply greasy and messy. I also like the fact that most of these products are available fragrance-free! I am going tell my friends about Pure Enchantment!
— John V.
First I would like to start off by saying that my fiance and I LOVE all of the Pure Enchantment Products! Recently, I tried their new line of facial products including the Face Scrub, Eye and Face Cream and the Face Moisturizer. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way they make my skin look and feel! My skin is super temperamental, I break out with almost any product I use, but not with PE! The scrub is gentle enough for everyday use and leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth. I use the Face and Eye cream before applying my makeup, which locks in moisture and keeps my makeup looking fresh all day. The facial moisturizer is so light and refreshing that I even have my fiance using it on a daily basis. Thanks PE for another great line of products!
— Kristen L.
I got the Shea butter as a gift one year and loved it so much I contacted the makers of the product to purchase more. It makes my skin so very soft especially when applied right after a shower. I have been buying it for years now. I have also given it as gifts along with the Lip balm. I have even shipped it as far as Scotland to family that love it as well. The Lip Balm makes my lips really soft. I bought 8 of them so I could have one in every room of my home as well as my purse. I will NOT buy any other brand, only Pure Enchantment’s Balm. Both of these items are the BOMB!!! For those of you that don’t know the Bomb means the best. Signed, a Customer for Life!
— Lauren L.
What a great product! I tend to have rash on my forearms every winter, and started having it about a week ago. I tried your Lavender Chamomile Shea Body Butter, applying in the morning and before going to bed, and this product cleared my rash in less than 3 days - I am so grateful! Again, this is a GREAT product - safe on my sensitive skin. Thank you, Pure Enchantment!!
— Kazue M.
After trying over 50 different products from drug store lotions to expensive creams, nothing helped my dry, cracked feet. Fortunately I have found Pure Enchantment Foot Balm which has transformed my feet from frightening to fabulous! Thank you for your fantastic products!!
— Stacey W.
Since 1967 I have had problems with the bottom of my feet. As a Marine Vietnam Veteran, I came back home with a severe case of Jungle Rot and had to soak my feet in formaldehyde for months to clear up the problem. This treatment caused my feet to dry and crack. Throughout the years, I have tried all sorts of creams and lotions to help my dry cracked skin on my heels and arches. Nothing really helped until I tried Pure Enchantment Foot Balm. What a great product. After just one application, I could feel the difference. Do yourself a favor and try this product.
— Dave L.
Wow! What a wonderful product. I received both your Pure Enchantment Soap and Lotion Bar as a gift and I can’t wait to order more. My skin is so soft! The fragrance truly takes me away to a summer’s day - Pure Enchantment is Pure Bliss! Thank you for such a wonderfully crafted product.
— Marie D.
I just had to take a few minutes and write to...let you know how wonderful I feel your Pure Enchantment products are. The fact that you use high quality natural ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, vitami E, jojoba and avocado oils make your products ideal for my patients with dry, sensitive skin. I recommend Pure Enchantment for my patients with keratosis pilaris, eczema, and psoriasis. These same patients come back to my office and comment on the significant improvement they have seen since using the lotion bar and soap. The other added benefit is that your unscented line is hypoallergenic. I highly recommend these products to my colleagues for their patients with dry, sensitive skin. I wish you the best and want to personally thank you for developing your natural skin care line. It has been a wonderful compliment to my practice. Keep up the great work! Please keep me informed on all of your new product developments. It is truly a joy recommending your products knowing they are created by such a wonderful couple.
— Helen T.